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Project | 01

We Should All Actually Vote for the Freddy Krueger/Jason Voorhees Ticket

Published by The Second City Network, this article explores why Americans should encourage—nay, beg—Freddy Krueger to make Jason Voorhees his VP candidate and run together on a third-party ticket. Frightening how much sense this makes.

Project | 02

President-Elect Henry Potter Defends Cabinet Choices

President-elect Boss Potter won a surprising victory in the election through a groundswell of populist support for his attacks on the “sentimental hogwash” and liberal policies of the outgoing administration – especially its support of subprime lenders like George Bailey. Now, Potter defends his controversial cabinet choices, such as Hans Gruber for Secretary of Homeland Security.

Project | 03

Project | 04

Why The Presidential Election Cycle Is Too Short

As we near the end of this presidential election cycle, many Americans are experiencing fatigue and anxiety over the nearly two years of continual coverage. Some voices are even calling out for measures to dramatically shorten this process. However, as the CEO of CBS, I, Les Moonves, offer these five reasons why the presidential election is, if anything, way too short.

Project | 05

Ghostbuster Reboot Solves All Problems For Women In Hollywood

All of social media is abuzz in delight and celebration of the Ghostbusters reboot and what a victory it is for women in film. That reboots do nothing for spec writers trying to sell original material and that women are rarely allowed entry into that now diminished fraternity—well, no one wants to talk about those things. No one, except for one formerly successful (and now bitter) spec writer...

Project | 06

Trump’s Executive Order Demanding His Colon Release Feces Raises Many Questions

In his short time in office, Donald Trump has issued some whoppers of executive orders. Yet, of all the orders he’s issued to date, none has garnered more attention than his decree earlier this week for his body to pass his own excrement. With concern coming from both sides of the political aisle, the chief questions being asked are...

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