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Project | 01

The Tall Bike Joust

A diverse group of slightly misguided (but up for anything) people meet in a craft brewery's parking lot to joust on bicycles of double the normal height, raise money for a nonprofit bicycle shop that focuses on urban transportation equity, and to joyously celebrate life in all of its absurdity.

Project | 02

Cardboard Titanics

Intelligent & successful people from different walks of life gather to build, row, and race boats made entirely of cardboard and duct tape in an insane attempt to recapture the American Dream.

Project | 03


A 3min short about a guy who makes 3min shorts to get into film festivals. Semi-autobiographical.

Project | 04

Smart People Being Stupid

Not learning from their previous mistakes and folly, the scientists, doctors, lawyers, pilots, and piano teachers are back again to build, row, and race (and mostly sink) cardboard boats. The sequel to the original Cardboard Titanics.  Watch the trailer here.

Project | 05

The Ghost Pepper Eating Contest
of Jefferson County

A random collection of brave souls compete in a ghost pepper (aka the hottest pepper in the world) eating contest and unwittingly attempt to break the Guinness Record.

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