Sam Frazier, Jr. is a filmmaker, writer, and recovering loan shark.


As the world’s greatest comedic short documentary filmmaker, primarily because he’s the only one, Sam Frazier, Jr. has toured the country with his “Smart People Being Stupid” series and its over 100 festival acceptances. Typical subjects include those in “Cardboard Titanics”, where successful people from different walks of life build, row, and race boats made solely of cardboard and duct tape in an insane effort to recapture the American dream.


Sam’s writing often points out the wrong, but doesn’t always push the reader to what’s right. For example, take his article recently published by the Second City Network, “We Should All Actually Vote for the Freddy Krueger/Jason Voorhees Ticket”. Then again, Freddy Krueger might really be a better option than either Trump or Hillary.


Sam currently studies sketch comedy and satirical writing with The Second City and is working on a retrospective to his former profession of running a consumer loan office. The book is entitled, “12 Things I Learned Being A Loanshark”. In his spare time, Sam uses his pseudonym, “Brock Ali”, to send back grammatically corrected versions of prospective dates’ profiles on dating sites.

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